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Home Network Services

We design, build and maintain networks for customers with projects of all sizes.

Wired Networks

As a rule of thumb, hard wire anything you can. Cat 6 networks in the home are the best way to get online and maintain a full speed connection, but most homes don't have much more than coax and phone lines.

We offer residential network wiring services, one way or another we can get a hardline anywhere so your devices can get online at peak performance.

Whole Home WiFi

When you want a great WiFi connection throughout your home multi access point mesh networks are the key. 

We perform a detailed RF analysis of customer’s homes, to come up with the best possible WiFi solution to cover your home with high speed reliable WiFi.

Network Optomization

Designing networks and building them is only half the work. Most customers run their equipment using default settings and do not get the full power of their systems.  We optimize every network we touch to ensure you get what you paid for.

Network Security

In the age of the internet of things, security has become a serious issue.  We offer services such as network segmentation, SSID spoof monitoring and isolated virtual lans to make sure your network stays safe and secure.

Automated quotes are great but please keep in mind that this is an approximation and we will still need to perform an on site evaluation before a project can begin.

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