Micro Fiber internet by four™ is an exciting project that will bring high speed fiber internet to the city of sabinal.  The project requires a fiber optic cable to be installed at the customers location to provide high speed internet.

This project is currently in the proposal stage and is not yet providing service to the City of Sabinal.  With your help we can bring affordable industry grade internet connections to the City of Sabinal.

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These are the Proposed Prices and Speeds


This plan is great for users who want light streaming and web browsing.


Upload: 50Mbps



Perfect for a small family that needs to stream, game and browse.


Upload: 100Mbps



The ultimate speed available for larger families or users with bandwidth needs


Upload: 200Mbps


How fast is it?

Micro Fiber internet by four™ is at the least twice as fast other options in town and at the most Micro Fiber is eight times faster, and all at an affordable price!

How does it work?

Micro Fiber internet is built with industry leading fiber optic cables that carry the internet to your home or business at the speed of light.

Micro Fiber is also extremely reliable as fiber optic cables are not susceptible to interference that other options experience.

How to Start Service

We need your help to start this service!  Please fill out the survey below so we can better understand the needs of Sabinal.

Thank You for Your Support!